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Language Center

Language Center, 
Kish International Campus, University of Tehran 
One of the main purposes of the Language Center is to provide English language support for  individuals who are enrolled or are working at the University of Tehran, Kish International Campus. Our goals is to help you improve  your language skills and achieve the best results from your University  experience by providing quality English language instruction. 
We provide courses and services to address the academic language needs of the  students, staff, and faculty members and hope to assist them achieve their academic and professional potential. 
Rules and Regulations of the Language Center 
• All students must take part in the language exam.
• Based on the results of the written exam and the oral interview, students are placed in their corresponding language proficiency levels.
Note: Students who have obtained the minimum score in IELTS , TOLIMO,  TOEFL PBT, TOEFL iBT  at the time of registration are exempt from participating in language classes. The university  reserves the right  not to accept the certificates that are submitted after the admission. 
All expired certificates are considered invalid.

Exemption  Criteria





70 and higher

75 and higher

IELTS (Academic Module)

5 and higher

5.5 and higher


500 and higher

550 and higher


500 and higher

550 and higher


75 and higher

80 and higher



·        Based on the placement test results,  students  should attend  classes in the following levels:


·        Exempt: These students are exempt from taking the language course.

Level A: These students need to take the English Language classes for one semester (4 credits)

Level B: These students need to take the English Language classes for two semesters (8 credits)

Level C: These students need to take the English Language classes for two semesters (12 credits)

Level D: These students need to take the English Language classes for two semesters (12 credits)

·        The grade point average of the applicants in language classes held by Language Center should  be above 12.


·        If, for any reason, after attending the classes,  the student  is not able to obtain the minimum required score (i.e. 12), they should take the course again until they obtain the required minimum score.


·        The students registered at Kish International Campus, University of Tehran are not able to defend their theses unless they have passed the English courses held by the Language Center or are exempt from taking part in the classes held by language center at  the time of registration at University.


·        Students who are absent for more than 3 sessions during the semester will not be allowed to take part in the final exam.

·        Students are required to take part in language courses starting from the first term.

·        Exempt students or students who have finished their English language courses can participate in classes held by the Language Center. Groups C and D participants can voluntarily participate in group B classes, and group B students can participate in group A classes after finishing their courses.


·        A certificate of course completion will be awarded to all students who pass English Language courses held by the Language Center.


Tuition Fees

Final Tuition (Rial)

Second Semester Tuition(Rial)

First Semester Tuition (Rial)






250 $




250 $




400 $


200 $


200 $




500 $


250 $


250 $




500 $


250 $


250 $





What We Do?

At the English Language Center, we provide a wide range of activities related to teaching English; we offer language support courses for individuals who have enrolled at the University. These basic classes are free and open to anyone at the university.  At the moment, we offer the following courses:

·        Letter writing: This course is suitable for anyone who wishes to write letters or emails.  Professionals and academics need to use proper grammar and language in order to achieve their objectives.  Therefore, it is more  important for them  to have good writing skills. As writing business or personal letters can sometimes be difficult  and challenging, we try to familiarize you with  the basics of letter writing in our classes.


·        Free discussion:  At  the Language Center, we hope to create a friendly  environment so that  students can participate in weekly free discussion classes. Exempt students as well as students in levels A and  B can take part in these classes.


·        MSRT classes:  MSRT is a General English Language Test for entrance examinations of universities for Master's and Ph.D. Programs in Iran.  Ph. D. students have the chance to attend MSRT classes to get the English certificate before their Comprehensive  Exam.


·        IELTS preparation courses: Students can participate in IELTS speaking and writing courses. In these classes, students have  the opportunity to improve the language skills needed to pass speaking and writing modules of  the IELTS exam, become  familiar with exam strategies, and gain confidence  to take exams.


·        TOEFL preparation courses:  The Language Center offers a complete program for the TOEFL.  Students who need to prepare for the TOELF test can take this course.  In this course, they will learn about the purpose and format of the TOEFL test and will try out samples of the  real TOEFL test questions.

Support for Departments

The Language Center supports departments in areas such as English language instruction and provides advice on discipline-specific programs. The Language Center also provides training sessions to enhance interactions between faculty and students who are non-native English speakers. 

The Language Center also offers various program courses and workshops to address specific learning objectives. It is important for students  to become familiar  with different courses available to them and decide which best satisfies their learning needs.  Please feel free to contact us if you are unable to find out which program is best for you.


Contact the English Language Center

Mailing Address:

Language Center, University of Tehran, Kish International campus, Mirmohanna Blvd. Niayesh St.

PO Box: 79416- 55665

Office Hours: 
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Monday through Saturday

Tel:     0764 44 33661-2

 0764 44430055


Fax:    0764 44432683



Ph.D. students’ General English Proficiency Requirements


A)   All Ph.D. students are required to submit a proof of English Proficiency with an official score report, (a valid English Test Certificate) before the Comprehensive Exam is due.


B)   Ph.D. students who are admitted through entrance exam prior to the first semester in the academic year 1393-94 and have registered at this university are exempt from submitting any English Language Certificates.


C)   All Ph.D. students who were admitted to the university  in the academic year 1393 and onward, are required to submit English Language Certificate approved by the University of Tehran as per in the guidelines. Submitting a proof of English Proficiency (English Certificate) is compulsory at the time of registration; if for any reason they are unable to present this General English Proficiency Certificate at the time of registration, they will be required to submit it before the Comprehensive Exam.  Please note that in case you are not able to submit such a certificate, you will not be allowed to take  the Comprehensive Exam.



For more information, please visit


Interested students may attend English classes held at the Language Center. These classes are free and open to all students.  

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