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Location: The location of the Campus is the beautiful coral island of Kish, the Pearl of the Persian Gulf, with all its tourist and business attractions.

Qualified Professors: The academic staff of Kish International Campus consists of more than 190 part-time and adjunct professors and affiliated members. The University includes 3000 undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students.

Student /Faculty Ratio (10/1): The student to faculty ratio is10 to 1. This can increase the benefits of personalized attention and ready access to lecturers and tutors for advice and support. The ratio is 5 to 1 for some special departments, though.
Affordable Tuition rates and payment plans: For financial aid purposes, KIC will provide a high-quality education at an affordable price compared to other universities in the region to admit more qualified students. Tuition fees at KIC for international students are approximately equal to the tuition fees for domestic students.

Well-equipped & Special Labs: There are a lot of well-equipped laboratories at KIC to provide you with the resources you need to do great research such as Mechatronics, Bioinformatics, Information Security, Exercise Physiology, Sports Medicine, Psychology, Biotechnology, Molecular and Cell Biology laboratories.

Getting your Visa to Study at KIC makes it possible for you to travel around Iran and get familiar with Iranian deep culture and visit so many beautiful historical sites.

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